I don't  care about the world


Imagine that Rambo is evicted.
This is the shortest sentence we can use to describe the story. Silvestre García is a former
member of the riot police, fired for being too violent and hitting fiercely some protesters.
He is now about to be evicted, but he will dig in his own house; thanks to the skills he learnt while being a police, he will put up resistence to anyone trying to kick him out.
I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE WORLD, a story full of violence, blood, black humor and an enormous social criticism.


Director: Santiago Alvarado
Script: Ramón Salas, Santiago Alvarado.
Executive producer: Joaquim Vivas
DoP: Josep Maria Balagué
Art direction: Marta Bazaco
FX director: Carles Puigdollers