SOJU is a young man from North Korea who fled his country and was captured by the mob when crossing the border. They keep him secluded in a psychiatric center located in South Korea.
He seems docile and inoffensive, but at night the warders sometimes take him out to do what he does best: FIGHT.

– Genre: Action.
– Country: Spain.
– Producton Company: Magno Entertainment SL.
– Director: Santiago Alvarado.
– Script: Ramón Salas, Santiago Alvarado.
– Executive producer: Joaquim Vivas.
– Language: spanish, korean, english and french.

ALBERTO JO LEE is SOJU, a real killing machine.
He is a taekwondo’s master, with six international championships medals (Europe and around the world) and several spanish championships medals highlighting his seven gold medals in senior I and senior II categories and in masculine team. In 2003 was named Director and Master of High School of Martial Arts “Song Duck” of Barcelona.
He became known with Tapas of José Corbacho and Juan Cruz (2005) and since then he has participated in several fi lms: Fuera de carta (2007), La noche que dejó de llover (2009), El Club de los suicidas (2007), Al fi nal del camino (2009) and Nobody wants the night (2015) from Isabel Coixet in which appears next to Juliet Binoche and Gabriel Byrne.